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Get your Klister Licker Swag!
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2007/11/17)

Klister Licker = JSID + XCOttawa

Jessica Spring of JSID has designed some cool T-shirts and made them for sale in support os XCOttawa. All shirts are 100% high quality lightweight cotton with an xcottawa logo on the back. Check 'em out!

Yeti t-shirt

Klister Licker Yeti

This guy might just be our new team mascot or maybe just another snowflake burbing Yeti. Either way he's cute and available! You can get him on everything from baby clothes, kids shirts as well as men's and women's T-shirts.



You may have heard this somewhere before... Oh, yeah it was Mr. Miyagi, your very first ski coach. He was talking about ski wax right?

Klister Licker WAX ON WAX OFF Klister Licker WAX ON WAX OFF


For those who have mastered the skating technique!

Klister Licker Master Skater Klister Licker Master Skater

If you buy a shirt from the Klister Licker Shop and support XCOttawa, send us a picture of you wearing it! Thanks Jessica, and thank you too!

Jessica Spring :: Illustration + Design
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