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My New Ottawa Family?! PHOTOS ADDED!!
By:  Zoe Braul   (2007/11/04)


My New Family?!

Iím not sure if my parents want to hear this (coming from their daughter who has just moved out not more than 3 months ago), but I think I have found a new family! Moving to Ottawa, I was sceptical about how home-sick I would get. But now I find myself almost already a week into November, and I have completely adjusted to life away from the parental-units! I wouldnít quite say Iíve completely forgotten about them, because they do receive the bi-monthly phone call hinting for bank account top-ups.

The easy adjustment to a new city can be partly accredited to my new family- XC Ottawa!! I have grown especially tight with the rookies of the team, Alana, Lindsay and Justin. On most days of the week, you can find Alana, Lindsay and I at the local Starbucks on Bank Street 'studying'. We often just end up ranting or raving about our exciting and of course ever so dramatic lives. From my two-month long battle with tonsillitis (which has potential to be its own article), to Alanaís moving-out adventure, to Lindsayís economics-engineering drama, we have pretty much covered every detail of our lives there. (We do actually talk about skiing too).

Iím not going to lie, the early mornings on practice days are getting more and more painful (as the sleep deficit, thanks to Res, grows and grows). However, being greeted at P8 by all the smiling XC Ottawa faces definitely has a lasting effect on the rest of my day, and I feel an air of smugness after practice walking around Carleton. After all, everyone in residence is stuck with each other, while I, early in the morning, way before anybody else gets up, live my other 'secret' life.

Iíve made many good friends here in Res, but as I think about it, I would much rather hang out with my 'new family'. Iím not sure what it is - perhaps because we all have something in common, or maybe because the ski team provides a much-needed escape from my floor-mates.

Because Iíve been sick for almost my entire time here in Ottawa, my training is not going exactly as planned. But as they say 'shit happens'. I suppose Iím trying to say that that is probably the reason why my article isnít exactly skiing specific. I guess my article is more about enjoying the more subtle qualities of a team, or in my case, my new family.

2008 XCOttawa Rookies: Zoe, Lindsay, Alana and Justin.

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