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The Rudy Project Advantage
By:  Matt Brown   (2014/06/24)

Last year I was delegated the duty of acting as the liaison between XC Ottawa and Rudy Project. Before coming to XC Ottawa, I had never used the Rudy Project line of sunglasses and helmets, but was always incredibly jealous of the cool designs and versatility of the product. We are very fortunate to have Rudy Project along side us for support again this year. They have been our partners and sponsors since the very beginning in 2001. It is the 13th year on the row they have been protecting our eyes from the sun and our heads from the pavement, and most importantly, making us look good in the making.
Andre rockin' one pair of his Rudy shades and his Rudy Project helmet

About Rudy Project:
Rudy Project designs and manufactures performance-oriented helmets, sunglasses, goggles and RX/prescription eyewear solutions by applying advanced science , cutting edge technology and innovative aesthetics. Designed and crafted in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project has grown quickly as a premier brand throughout North America. Along with proprietary, award winning lens technologies including the ImpactX, Polar3FX and RPOptics, Rudy Project offers unparallel customer service backed by a Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarentee and an industry-leading three-year frame warranty. They cater to much more than just the Cross Country ski market but specialize as well in: mountain bike, running, motorsports, triathlon, golf, cycling and mountaineering/climbing to name a few.

Recently, Rudy Project announced a partnership that will evolve their current state of the art RX lenses to become the world's most technologically advanced prescription sport solution to meeting the demanding needs of athletes from weekend warriors to pros.

I personally took advantage of the great sponsorship opportunity and picked out a helmet and two pair of sunglasses. I opted for the Sterling helmet, Zyon and always flashy Yellow Noyz glasses. I was very happy with all my selections, as they worked well with me for the length of the season.

The Sterling helmet provided and excellent fit, lots of ventilation and felt light and comfortable on my head. The sterling helmet comes in a variety of colours including green, pink, orange, red, and some of the more neutral colours as well. One fun fact about the Sterling helmet is that the six time Tour de France Green Jersey Winner, Erik Zabel wears Sterling!

I was very happy as well with my selection of my glasses. The sunglasses are all very comfortable, and have rubber adjustable temples and adjustable nosepieces to fit any shape of head or nose. They also sit off your face due to the adjustable nose piece which puts an end to foggy glasses on your skis. The hinges on the arm of the glasses is hidden in the arms as to protect you during a crash on your rollerskis or bike. The lenses are very durable. A pair of lenses for me usually lasts one season, however, finished the season with scratch free lenses which is a first! The lenses provide UVA/UVB protection and a variety of available lenses for all models allows you to choose your lenses based on the light conditions.
As a first time Rudy Project user, I was extremely impressed with the quality and comfort of all their products and would recommend any of their products for use. To learn more about Rudy project visit www.rudyprojectusa.com.

Thank you Rudy Project for your ongoing support!

Matt looking speedy in his Rudy Projects!

Here's Andre protecting his eyes and looking super fast in his Rudy Projects at the Gatineau Loppet.

Wearin' Rudy Projects like a BOSS! Ingrid style!

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