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2007 Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) Report #3: Getting 'Bronzed'
By:  Sophia Tsouros   (2007/02/19)


2007 news headlines have been dominated by Global warming and Climate change. The late start to winter has had its numerous effects including a change in route to this year's Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM). What should've been a 180km ski from Lachute to Gatineau over two days, was modified to two 70km loops around Montebello skied in one direction on the first day and in the opposite direction on the second day.

Although this made for a shorter tour, the start time and cut off times were decreased. This was my first time partaking in the CSM so I cannot comment, but I heard varying comments from others such as, "It was still just as hard to reach the cut-off this year!" to "It was nice to not have to make a mad-dash for the cut-off this year!"

Given the change of course and lack of snow, we lucked out with a beautiful course, great weather and great snow for the most part. The organizers did a great job of providing snow in places where it was needed and having us take off our skis in places that were deemed "too dangerous". Apparently that didn't stop everyone from skiing those sections, although the one example I heard of had the skier end up in a snow bank!  

Much of the first three sections were on wide roads making for fast skiing with a couple of out and back sections that were great for cheering on friends. At the CP's I made sure to grab some food and liquids and move on as I was sure I could make the cut-off but didn't want to meander too much in case I was close. I checked into the cut off CP with lots of time to spare so took the opportunity to have my skis waxed and socialize with fellow skiers.

The fourth section was a bit more technical and cut up but it was fun to negotiate the terrain. We'd be starting the fourth section 1st in the opposite direction the following day, so I made a mental note of a few sections that I thought might be tricky.

The next day's start came quickly and we were off again. It was just as a great course in the opposite direction - although I definitely slowed down the second day. My boyfriend and I agreed to ski together on the second day, which was fun as it was more social. We finally checked into the cut off CP, grabbed some food and got out of there. We were on our way home! It got windy and cold towards the end, but did it ever feel great to cross the finish line!

On a slightly different note, apparently CSM is struggling financially. If anyone knows of any sponsors out there, the website with their contact info is: www.csm-mcs.com. Congrats to CSM for putting on a great event! I'll be back to challenge silver next year!

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