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Racing Suit Design Contest!
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2004/03/04)


Update #3: Checkout the winning design that is currently being made!

Update #2: Checkout the winning design!

Update #1: Checkout the entries we recieved for the contest!

For the coming 2004/2005 racing season XC Ottawa requires a new suit design. We have had lots of praise for our current suits and we hope that someone out there with a little artisitic ability can design us some spiffy new suit!

In way of motivation we offer a pair of cool RudyProject sunglasses (and other prizes from our sponors to be determined) to the winners. As well as some technically cool eyewear we will sing the praises of your design on our website, which we are sure will bring you fame and fortune.

Rules and Judging

  • Entries must be recieved by April 15th. Winner will be announced May 1st.
  • Anyone may enter as many times as they like.
  • If you win, you must agree to give us the exclusive rights to your design.
  • All designs must be original ideas.
  • Unlike your homework, you can get any extra help you need. But there's just one prize per design.
  • Current team members can participate, but they don't get the prizes - the first non-team member does.
  • The winning design will be the one the majority of the team approves.
  • We will display all entries on the website, along with your info unless you state otherwise.

Design Hints

  • Check out the suit contest FAQs
  • We are kind of partial to black, white and blue...but red and a few other colours are nice too.
  • Sky blue and snow white suits don't photograph well.
  • Ski suit manufacturers usually allow 3-4 colours for at a given cost, then extra colours cost more.
  • Some elaborate paterns or designs are prohibitively expensive to make and we're not rich.
  • Big drawings are easier to appreciate.

How to enter

  • Use the templates below to create your design electronically or by hand.
  • You may submit patterns or more detail as needed.
  • Submit your scanned design to: info@xcottawa.ca
  • Alternately Mail your design to: #3-301 Fifth Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1L6A6

Printable templates

You should be able to print these templates on regular 8.5" x 11" paper so that they fill the entire page. Click on the image and print them from your browser, or save them to your hard drive and print them in your favourite graphics utility. With a little fiddling the template on the left should fit on a single sheet, while the templates on the right are divided to fit on 4 sheets for larger detail. You may use either, but we think bigger is better.

Single Page Template
4-page template



Winning this design contest doesn't garantee that you will see us racing in your suit. Cost, complexity, materials, etc.. may prevent your design from actually getting on our backs. But we will make an effort to try to find a manufacturer that can get the job done. We also reserve the right to make a few changes to the design as need be.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who is making this suit (ie. Louis Garneau?, Sugoi?, home business?)

    Good question. We don't know yet, we haven't ruled anyone out. Maybe someone would like to make a good offer?

  2. Can I please see a pic of the current suit.

    Sure! The following are the best pictures on our website, but you may like some of the other ones better. Look around for yourself. (Click to enlarge photos.)

  3. Do you have a logo? If so can we get a copy?

    No real logo except the fancy XC Ottawa lettering, the snowflake pattern at the top of this page and our current suit makes use of a snowflake like the one in the top left corner of this image. If you want the font just search Google for Ethnocentric. It's a free download.

  4. Do you have a a sort of mascot/creature/symbol you represent or would like to represent the team with?

    No, not at this time.

  5. Is an all over print pattern do-able for you, or are transfers and embroidery more your budget?

    Right now we don't know, but a pattern should be do-able.

  6. Do you like clean designs like Adidas stripes or Crazy mix mash or pattern and textures ( colour limitations of course noted) - what's too boring and what is too much?

    We're looking for a clean look, a suit with flash, and that stands out from the crowd. Our current suit is unlike anything else around which is good.

    Currently World Cup suits are pretty bland. There are lots of Addidas/Briko like suits around, but lines can be good too. So you'll have to decide what would look good on us.

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