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XCZone.tv Announces NEW DVDs!
By:  XCZone.tv   (2006/03/16)


'Learn to Nordic Ski', and 'Nordic Skiing Technique' are just some of the new DVD titles www.xczone.tv is releasing in advance of next season, but there is still lots of snow left this year and you can take advantage of these programs at a promotional discount.

We have been working very hard this year to bring the latest in nordic skiing DVDs to market and we are happy to announce the early release of four (4) products, with more to follow. We will only be keeping limited stock over the summer and returning to full price in the fall. Our web site is completely redesigned, for a much richer experiemce and has much more information on our portfolio.

Brand new titles available now include:

Learn to Nordic Ski
DVD-R $29CAD (time-limited promotional discount to $19CAD)

Beginner to Intermediate, 1h45m

This programme uses a personal approach to provide an entry for beginners. It includes the highly successful Fundamentals of Cross-Country Skiing, and Tao of Skiing, and the Ski Your Best manual by the Canadian Association of Nordic Skiing Instructors for novice to intermediate level skiers. "An enduring product. Nordic ski lessons in a box, for the price of a ski lesson" This title is now available in a pre-release DVD-R version.

Nordic Ski Technique
DVD-ROM $39CAD (time-limited promotional discount to $29CAD)

Intermediate to Advanced, 4h30m

The technique volume in the Science of Nordic Skiing series represents a clear view to the most current understanding of technique and instruction. The project has engaged key principals, elite skiers, recognized experts and thought-leaders in the sport; consolidated their ideas and arrived at a progressive and highly-effective approach to the technique, which you can apply directly to your skiing and fast-track your development this season. This is the newest and most comprehensive nordic ski instructional product on the market today! The enhanced DVD is highly interactive toolkit; using menus, multiple viewing angles, and alternate audio tracks. The DVD-ROM features also include: technical manuals, multimedia explanations, critical and alternative analysis, bio-mechanical modeling, narrative scripts, MP3 audio books, a photo gallery, and bonus movies. This title is available now.

Cross Country Ski Club
DVD-R $FREE (returning to $19CAD soon)

Lifestyle and World Cup Footage
Beginner to Advanced, 1h30m

This is what every XC ski club is looking for. Something very cool, fun, entertaining and educational. The disk includes: the www.xczone.tv action reel, kids snow park, spectacular crash sequence, and World Cup race footage. This DVD is perfect to spice up club banquets, shows, or for motivating kids and adults alike. Coaches will love the World Cup Footage mix. The title is available now on DVD-R. You just pay for shipping.

Store looped XC skiing
DVD-R $FREE (with purchase)

Beginner to Advanced, 1h30m then repeats continuously.

Have you ever needed a eye-catching presentation to play continuously in your store or at a trade show booth? Guaranteed to grab people's attention. Pop this disk in your DVD player and that is what you get: The www.xczone.tv action-reel featuring nordic-skiing and the spectrum of "clean oxygen fed sports." World Cup Race footage filmed by www.xczone.tv This title is available now on DVD-R

In the works for release in 2006:

  • Nordic Walking DVD
  • Nordic Ski Training DVD
  • The Art of Nordic Skiing DVD
  • Ski Fitness DVD

In-production 2007 and beyond:

  • Natural Fitness DVD
  • History of Nordic Skiing DVD
  • Nordic Skiing Equipment DVD
  • Nordic Skiing Advanced-Elite DVD

Check out our web site for more details, and to order: www.xczone.tv.

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