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SportLog.ca: Shiny and New
By:  Steffan Lloyd   (2017/06/06)


If you are ski racer in the Ottawa area, you’ve probably heard of SportLog.ca. If you haven’t, SportLog.ca is a tool for monitoring, communicating, and analyzing training information. It allows coaches and athletes to effectively manage and monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly training. At one point or another Skinouk, Chelsea Nordic, Nakkertok and XC Ottawa have all used SportLog to track athletes in their programs. Why such a strong following in Ottawa? Well SportLog is the brain child of two local skiers: Steffan Lloyd (XC Ottawa, Nakkertok, Carleton Ski Team Alumni) and Mike Vieira (Former Nakkertok Coach and current CCC employee). The origin story of SportLog is one of trying to find a program could handle monitoring the explosive growth of Nakkertok’s racing program about 8 years ago. Mike was interested in using an athlete-monitoring program at Nakkertok, but the available options were either too expensive or not flexible enough adapt to a large and diverse club. Steffan, a budding programmer, took it upon himself to design a web application to bridge the gap between the currently available athlete monitoring options. With Mike providing design guidance and Steffan doing the heavy lifting of programming SportLog was born.

Over the past 8 years SportLog has been gradually modified and improved to meet the current demands of athletes and coaches, but as of May 1, 2017 Sportlog rolled out the largest update in its history. So what’s changed? First and foremost the look and feel of SportLog is completely different. Updated for the modern browsers and hardware, SportLog functions seamlessly on any mobile, tablet or computer interface used to access the app. Once logged in the app itself is faster at loading and logging workouts. The backend database of SportLog was completely revamped for this purpose and over 300 workouts have now been hardcoded into the database to make it easy to classify and log training sessions.

The graphing and analysis functions have also been updated to make it easier to drill down into minutiae of an athlete’s training. If you want to know exactly how many minutes of zone 5 sprints on your stand up paddle board in August 2010, no problem. Also all workouts can be easy downloaded in excel format if you are a real numbers person and want to run your own analysis outside of SportLog.

Other little features have been added here and there such as Z-scores for daily values, more customizable training zones and day monitoring options (sleep feel etc) and more are coming in the near future.

The basic plan for athletes on Sportlog is completely free and gives the users full access to log and analyze their trainings. For those looking to use the program to communicate get feedback from coaches, the program charges a low monthly fee – 5.99$/month for athletes, and 8.99$/month for coaches. Check out the website for details of all the plans. If you have a club that wants an extend trial contact either or .

What does the future hold for SportLog? 1) More clubs and teams using the program, it a great tool and easily handles large clubs and diverse training types. A bunch of updates including coach program creator tool and integration with popular fitness apps such as Strava. Stay tuned!

Check out https://sportLog.ca and the SportLog YouTube channel to see all the new features and updates. Also Follow SportLog on Twitter and Facebook for cool stories on sport lifestyle, technology and training (and maybe the occasional discount code).

The new SportLog app, as seen by an athlete. The app is ultra fast, so navigating this interface is quick and easy.

Coach's can monitor athlete's training, and give feedback based on what they see.

Both coaches and athlete's have access to powerful analysis tools.

The app runs just as well on iPads, and on Phones.

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