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Holmenkol Wax Update #1
By:  Tom McCarthy   (2002/11/20)


This is the first in a series of installments on Holmenkol ski wax. Each installment will feature details on different waxes.

Holmenkol Cosmickick Yellow

Snow Temperature:Around 0 to -3.
Snow condition:Dry, new snow. Works very well in soft, powdery tracks.
Comparable to:Toko Dibloc Red New Snow- slightly warmer.

This wax was the first Holmenkol wax any of us had ever tried. We had just received our wax around the time we left for a big training camp in Foret Montmorency. When we arrived there, the conditions were perfect- midwinter skiing, and around 0 to -1 degrees Celsius. It hadn't snowed for a few days.

We tried Holmenkol yellow, over a quick layer of Holmenkol BaseBinder (more on that wax in the next update). It worked well that day for training, but it might have been a little bit slippery for racing on.

Over the next week, we learned the first rule of Holmenkol wax: the temperature on the can is for snow temperature, not air temperature. There is a little graphic on the can which might indicate that, but it is a little confusing.

I went for a ski last week where I soon learned the perfect conditions for Holmenkol Yellow. It had been snowing for around an hour, and the snow and air temps were both around zero degrees- usually, a very confusing condition for classic waxing. As well, the air was quite dry, and the snow falling was very powdery. This is unusual given the air temperature. I put on Holmenkol Yellow expecting to have to return and apply a fluorinated grip, or some kind of red underneath a fluoro, to find grip. But Holmenkol yellow worked amazingly in the new snow. I couldn't believe it and I skiied for longer than I meant to just to keep trying it out. It was great.

The team has since tried Holmenkol Yellow again in older snow conditions, and when the air and snow was more humid. These have resulted in less good grip results. The conclusion is that Yellow is best for warm, dry new snow days when the snow temperature is around -1 to -3 degrees.

Holmenkol is distributed through Reliable Racing Supply, which also represents Internova, a maker of race supplies. Holmenkol is looking forward to working with junior racing teams and ski clubs throughout the country. Call them now to have them send you a catalogue and a wax guide to help you choose your winning combination. They can be reached at toll free at 1-800-421-7911, or by email at info@internovamail.com. You can check out their website at www.holmenkol.com, and Reliable Racing Supply's at www.reliableracing.com.

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