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9 tips for training on your own (with limited time)
By:  Kyla Vanderzwet   (2016/11/06)


10 9 tips for training on your own (with limited time)

As I mentioned in my last article, Iím training in London while attending school. †Iím definitely missing the XC Ottawa crew and the benefits of having strong training partners and great training facilities! †Lots of skiers train on their own for periods of time though, so Iíve put together a list of some of the things Iíve done to stay on track so far this season.

1. Sign up for local races

Recently I did a MEC trail/road race nearby. †MEC is great for regularly hosting local races. †Having low-key events to take part in is great for motivation and for the opportunity to test yourself, with others around to help you push your limits.

I didnít run a PB that day but it was a solid race effort. †

Itís not in this picture, but my favourite sign on the course said ďbest spandex parade everĒ Ö although more legitimately I think most ski races probably take that title. †

2. †Crash another teamís practices

The Western cross country running team very kindly let me join in on some of their practices through the fall. †The men recently won the OUA banner and the women had three top-ten finishes. †Iím looking forward to seeing what damage they can do at the CIS championships next week! †They are smoking fast! †Consequently, my participation in their practices sometimes looked like thisÖ

3. †Make your friends train with you

My housemate, Rachelle Beanlands, is from Ottawa originally and did an undergrad in Maryland on a soccer scholarship. †Occasionally weíll do some great running agility drills together. †I enjoy trying to race her, and she enjoys kicking my butt every time!

Sheís got awesome skills!

giphy kyla.gif

Hereís an example of a drill weíd do

4. Do your intervals on a consistent course

So far this season Iíve found it pretty helpful to do my interval sets on a specific course. †When you know how long a loop or hill repeat should take, it can motivate you to push harder to keep the times consistent or faster. †

5. Watch races online

Iím not typically someone who follows races online, but recently Iíve found that doing this gets me pumped up for training. †It was fun to watch the folks out in Canmore crush it at Frozen Thunder last week!

6. Multi-taskÖif you have to

With videos of lectures online, there are many ways to learn these days! †Once in a while Iíll do a strength circuit while reviewing a class lecture to save some time. In general, I donít like multi-tasking because I think it takes away from the quality of both activities. †But if itís training that doesnít require a huge amount of focus and a fairly straight-forward lecture, this isnít a bad combo! †Itís a nice alternative to sitting at a desk.

7. Shadow coaching

If youíre lucky and get the right lighting, you can see a pretty good silhouette of yourself while rollerskiing. †Use the opportunity to check out your technique! †

8. Celebrate your successes

I think that celebrating a job well-done is an awesome part of training! †Iím a fan of giving training partners high-fives after a solid workout. †Lately that training partner is Ö me. †High-five, me!

Yes, I agree that this is an embarrassing photo. †When youíre the only roller skier in the city thereís no room for embarrassment Ė just gotta strap on the spandex and fanny pack and own it!

9. You donít have to do everything perfectly

I take my training and school learning fairly seriously because I want to do my jobs well. †However, I also know that itís just as valuable to step back and enjoy the process. †In that regard, I think itís worth knowing that thereís a lot to do and that not everything will be done perfectly, or done at all. †Case in point: this article was originally planned to be 10 points and was due a week ago, but I think Iíll end it here at 9 one week later. †Thatís ok, right?!

Thanks for reading! As you may or may not know, Iím preparing for the World University Games this year. †Iíve set up a fundraising page where you can read more about it and pledge your support. †Thanks so very much to those who have supported me so far, financially and otherwise!!

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