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Nationals Day 4 - middle distance races
By:  Kyla Vanderzwet   (2015/03/19)

Tuesday brought another day of challenging racing, with the men racing 15km and the women racing 10km in classic style. The top finish of the day on our team went to Steffan, who earned a 5th place finish in the CCUNC category. Way to go Steffan!

The great thing about nationals is the opportunity it provides to learn about racing. I asked around, and here are some of the lessons and highlights that teammates had to share from the middle distance day:

 -Megan was reminded to eat extra in the morning if you’re racing at lunch hour, so you don’t feel too hungry before your race. 

-I learned that you shouldn’t get too excessively nervous before races, especially in multi-day events...by the third race this will really tire you out! Along these lines, Karl mentioned that he will calm himself down before races by breaking the course up into smaller sections, and by knowing that he is in control of how uncomfortable he will get during a race. 

-Ingrid was reminded that when you fall during a race, don’t worry about it, just get up and get back in the race.

-Sheila said she really liked the fun course, and appreciated all the cheering up the final tough climb.

Here are some pictures from the day. More pictures and result are available at the Ski Nationals website (http://skinationals2015.com/).  Thanks for reading!

Steffan looks strong as he crests the hill.

Katie and Liam are all smiles.

Arthur is giving it his all!
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