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Andre’s Playlist: Music to Train with, or to Just Simply Enjoy
By:  Andre Marchand   (2014/09/21)


It is probably a good idea for me to begin this article with a cautionary note. First of all I do not own the rights to any of these songs or the file on the host website that you choose to listen to them, and I also have no control over some of the language these songs may contain.


Secondly, if you feel that I don’t have good taste in music, or that I’m way behind the new music curve, you're probably correct.


Pretty well all of these tracks can be found on YouTube, or simply put the names of the track and the artist into a search engine and a music video should pop up. I’ve listed the title of the song in quotations followed by the artist’s name, and sometimes a comment relative to that song.


So without further a due, here’s some music picks!


The following songs serve as pre-race or pre-workout songs to get me pumped up before tough efforts, or before a race:

-  “Oh Lord”, Foxy Shazam -> Great name for a band!

- “Unstoppable”, Foxy Shazam

- “Stolen Dance”, Milky Chance

- “The Ghost Inside”, Broken Bells

- “Long Way to Neverland”, Headstones

- “Seven Nation Army”, Glitch Mob Mafia Remix

- “Where The Hood At”, DMX -> The teams gangsta side, this song has been featured more than once at 7:30am workouts…

- “Party and Bullshit”, Biggie Smalls (RATATAT Remix)

- “Shoot to Thrill”, AC/DC

Guaranteed to improve your PB time in any workout or race! 

Now for some less intense songs, inspired from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, these songs have made a re-appearance in my headphones lately:

- “Hooked on a Feeling”, Blue Swede

- “Come and Get Your Love”, Redbone

- “O-o-h Child”, Five Stairsteps

- “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

All of the above songs are nice feel-good music, good for easy listening or relaxing, and they made one really good movie soundtrack.


A few other musical picks that you could probably catch me listening to any day of the week:

- “Friends”, Mosely -> a friend of mine is in this band, digging this song!

- “Down the Road”, C2C

- “Fitzpleasure”, Alt-J

- “Breezeblocks”, Alt-J

- “Capable”, KO

- “What It’s Like”, Everlast

- “After the Disco”, Broken Bells

- “Holding On For Life”, Broken Bells

- “The Needle and the Damage Done”, Neil Young (Unplugged)

- “After the Gold Rush”, Neil Young


Well that should keep you covered for at least an hour of listening, hopefully there’s a few in there that you find to your liking! :)


Thanks for reading,


Andre Marchand