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Let the ski season begin!
By:  Kyla Vanderzwet   (2013/11/25)


XC Ottawa recently had the good fortune of training at the Montmorency ski trails in the heart of Quebec. The folks running the Montmorency trails had an excellent 2.0km loop groomed and ready to go for the large number of skiers there - including skiers from Carleton, Laval, Skibec, Chelsea Nordic, and of course XC Ottawa. There were smiles all around, even during the blizzardon the last day of training.

Happy to be skiing!!

With team mates arriving between mid-day Thursday and Friday night, there were plenty of hours of solid training to be had. The camp included a few technique sessions, a sprint workout, ski-specific strength, a team time trial, some long slow distance, and even a back-country adventure. 

Ottawa was looking pretty green when we left, but La Foret did not disappoint!

Over the weekend, we were also pleased to be joinedby our Infinity rep Ulysse Ramsay, and by our Vauhti correspondent, Peter Rosmovitz. These guysboth keep us up-to-date on their AWESOME products. If you need poles or wax, you know who to call! I mean, if they're good enough for Princess Leia, they must be good!

Pete is hitting his stride! Looking great in that Podiumwear clothing.

Karl gets ready for training - can't forget the eLoad to stay sharp during the long workouts!

On Sunday night, it was back to Ottawa, where we anxiously await the arrival of some deep snow in the Gatineau park...won't be long now :)

Thanks very much to Megan for providing the pictures for this article!

See you on the trails, folks!

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