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Carleton University Brings it at Day 1 of the OUA Championships
By:  Andre Marchand   (2012/03/02)


Once again this year the Ontario University Association (OUA) Championship was held at the continuously varying and winding trails of Laurentian University in Sudbury this past weekend. With a large dump of fresh snow Friday, the trails had great coverage and thanks to some excellent grooming we were treated to another weekend of perfect tracks! This year Carleton sent another strong team, with 8 men and 8 women wearing the colours! Here is a recap from Saturday, the first day of racing for this event.

5/10 Km Classic Race, Individual Start

The women kicked things off with some great results for their 5 km individual start. The 5 km course was a pretty narrow and continuously varying course peppered with short but steep up hills. In order, the finishing positions were: Kendra Murray 3rd, Anna Crawford 6th, Ingrid Hagberg 10th, Kyla Vanderzwet 11th (some internal XC Ottawa rivalry brewing?), Kirsten Besemann 22nd, Liza Rozina 25th, Freya Wasteneys 29th and Holly Jones 30th


Kyla given'er†on the perfectly groomed track


Kendra on her way to†her first†medal of the weekend!


In the end... the Women's 5 km Classic podium

The men followed suit in their 10 km individual race, which was two laps of the same course. The finishing positions in order were Peter Beisel 2nd, edging out 3rd place Lee Hawkings, Logan Potter 5th, Nansen Murray 7th, Kyle Power 9th, Andre Marchand 13th, Matt Brown 19th and Devan Fair in 25th.


Peter flying up the steep hill, maybe this is where he got that 1 second advantage over 3rd? ;)


Lee in a Lakehead University sandwich... Mmmm, pain!


And when the dust settled... the Men's 10 km Classic podium! Nice work Peter & Lee!!!

The Second half of the day: 3x 2.5 km Skate†Relay

The top six racers from Carleton were placed into the Carleton A and B teams for the ever important 3 x 2.5 km relay. This†event†is always an exciting but painful race because it is only 3 hours after the morning race. So with tired legs but awesome determination, the Carleton racers took the start line once again!

The teams in order of position (start - middle - anchor)†for the relay:

 Womenís A team consisted of Kendra, Ingrid and Anna. The B team was made up of Kyla, Liza and Holly.

Menís A team consisted of Peter, Logan, and Lee. The B team was composed of Kyle, Nansen and myself.

Both the Womenís and Menís relay teams took the 2nd and 3rd places on the podium, but the A team held off the B team in both categories (even after all the bantering between the menís teams). The womanís A team narrowly missed out on the gold in an exciting photo finish against Lakehead University! To quote a male Toronto skier watching the womenís finish, ďDude Iím pretty sure I canít ski as fast as that!Ē Yep, the Carleton girls were flying!!!


Ingrid flying into the stadium for end of her leg!


The Women's relay podium, with both Carleton A & B team!!!


Logan and Nansen climbing "the Wall"... they just can't wait to tag off!†


The Men's relay podium, again containg the Carleton A & B team!!!

Overall some great racing from the whole Carleton team and a good showing for the XC Ottawa athletes who were all on the podium in the relay!!!

Hope you enjoyed the read! Day two of the weekend coming soon.

Andre M.

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