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CSM Trail Update
By:  Bill Syrros   (2012/01/28)


I am very proud to report that despite recent freezing rain and warm weather, the traditional trail Ė Gatineau-Montebello-Lachute - is in excellent condition. The full trail has been groomed creating a hard base with some parts of the trail boasting 45cms of snow.

... With plenty of snow expected in the forecast, groomers will do another pass next week to further pack down the trail for optimal conditions during the marathon. Other updates to the trail include;

- Section 7: Thanks to the generosity of the land owners east of St. Sixte, the trail is back in the fields, thereby avoiding the 2 km of skiing the sandy, salty snow bank along highway 317.

- Section 6: The Highway 50 underpass west of Montebello has been completed, eliminating the need to cross any autoroute construction sites.

- Section 5: The rocky pieces of trail north of Montebello, especially notorious in the last 2 years, has been completely rebuilt using a hydraulic shovel. The ups and downs are still there, but the rocks are gone and the previous hair raising turns are much safer.

- Section 4: The trail has been relocated to avoid the hill with the hairpin turn going down to the Kinonge River valley. It is still a big hill, but with sweeping turns and a new wide bridge at the bottom.

Plans are already in the works for more trail improvements in 2013 so we can all test our personal limits on a challenging, but safe, trail.

We are also happy to announce that CSM Section 5 (Montebello to Kanauk) is open now for people to try out before the marathon. You can pick up passes at the Hotel Ski Shop.

Finally, please reach out to all unregistered skiers who may be sitting on the fence. Don't let the "It didn't or I didn't(s)" stop them from having an incredible February CSM experience.

Help us fill up the Montebello with sweaty skiers telling amazing CSM stories Ė donít wait, book your Montebello room today! www.csm-mcs.com

Bill Syrros - President, CSM
27 January, 2012


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