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Podiumwear’s new and improved warm ups!
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2011/04/16)


Now that the 2010/11 season has wrapped up, it is time to start thinking about next year and one of the things that will be on everyone’s mind is the ordering of new clothing. 

The team at Mount Shark near Canmore Alberta

This past season, Podiumwear completely revamped their warm ups and they were amazing! XC Ottawa got new jackets and pants to go with our already superb Pro-Line racing suits.


Skiing in Gatineau Park - photo credit xczone.ca

The new material is stretchy, lightweight and protects us from the wind. The new cut of the jacket has great mobility. The raglan shoulders allow for full extension of the poles, the new cuffs are really comfortable, the body and arm length is great and the big collar helps keep the neck warm, with lots of room for a neck warmer under it. 

Skiing in Gatineau Park - photo credit xczone.ca

As for the pants, they have new articulated knees and use the same new material on the front as the jackets do. The full zippers are super for quickly removing them before a race and they are really comfortable. 

Megan at Mount Shark

As always, the colours are vibrant and you can make them with any design you want. 

So, if you are thinking about updating your team’s wardrobe this season, you should definitely check out Podiumwear's new jackets and pants!

Skiing in Gatineau Park - photo credit xczone.ca

Also, don't forget to order your summer training shirts!  www.xcottawa.ca/articles.php?id=2128

"Simply put, Podiumwear is the best custom team uniform apparel in the World."


Podiumwear delivers the best products and takes the headaches out of team ordering by taking hidden charges and set-up fees out of the equation.

Innovative Options..

RUSH Service: Need you uniforms in four weeks. We can do it! Check out www.podiumwear.com/rush-order/.

No Minimum Reorder: While we will have a minimum order with your initial purchase (6), there will be no minimum on reorders. Your suit cost will be the same on your reorder as on your initial order regardless of the number of suits on the reorder. The reorder price is guaranteed for three years.

Name Tag Technology: Only Podiumwear offers name tag technology so that you can personalize every piece of your team uniform with team members names. You'll be just like the national teams! Look at www.podiumwear.com/nametag.htm for more information.

Four Color Process: Your suits can have as few or as many colors as you like for the same price. Our printing process can handle photographic quality images. Free your mind from the one and two color designs.

Questions? Read the FAQs.

Podiumwear Website. . . www.podiumwear.com/sports/nordic/

Contact info. . . 800.930.1081, Reid@podiumwear.com


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