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"My Best Bonk" Contest Entry - Rudy Hollywood
By:  Rudy Hollywood   (2005/03/01)


Story one

Skiing in ’94 with Paul Leroux , the man who pushed me over the edge with a bet “if I do the Keski (then 55k) , then I’m to do the Esprit (IM distance in Montreal with him”… the training started for the events in ’95… we skied / ran/ and did a lot of cycling over the year. One of the first Bonks was during the ski training… I never carried any food and very little to drink (but usually one power bar and one water bottle) on very long training days. This time it was Gamelin to the fire tower (return 70k) … of course by the time we were out to the tower… I was out of both, the power bar eaten and the water was gone…. Some how I had to make it back with no food or water… by time we reached ‘the lookout’ Paul’s reserves were gone as well… by the time we reached Black’s Lake hill the pace was a walk… buy the time we reached Mullville Hill we were sitting eating snow, while praying for the end… final a good Samaritan stopped Paul asked, “ do have anything you can spare to drink” ..he pulled out a juice box… we thanked him …we shared… and it was enough to put us back on our feet for the remaining BONK.

Story two

During the training again for my first IM distance race in Montreal, to get my cycling up to scratch, Paul Leroux suggested we do a brick workout … cycle from Ottawa to Kingston then do a 15k run along Lake Ontario, of course I new at this long distance stuff , but I was game since I new the Rideau Lake tour route and Kingston was close to our cottage… Joan (my wife) packed the car for the regular cottage weekend, while Lyn (Paul’s wife) was our sag wagon with out gear and supplies. The plan was once we were finished the brick Lyn would drive us to the cottage for the remaining weekend.

Of course it took all day. The ride when well with only a few minor leg cramps occurring after 150k into the bike…. At the 180k we stopped (since this was our target distance) …it just happened to be in front of a MacDonald’s … great cause now we could use the washroom to change and get ready for the run. While using the ‘John’ my legs began the cramp again…the spas sum were big and I couldn’t move …I stuck in the John ..my leg kept kicking the door …and final Paul came to my rescue.

Story Three

The Animalaton… Dan Beavon a great friend and big time long distance cyclist knew I was headed to IM Can later in the year of ’96 … he suggested these long distance July 1st informal cycle tour …starting at 5a.m. to finish 330kms cycling from Ottawa to Calabogie , Eganville, (Foymount Mountain) and retuning via the River rd. though Armpior . About 15 left before dawn … since most of the people knew the route and had been on this tour before…they planned all the stops and point out all the highlights along the way. Of course Foymount was one everyone was looking forward to… not so much the climb but the descent … followed by lunch … after the deadly climb up the back of the mountain everyone waited at the top for the descent. Ron Phillips went first followed by Paul and Sally Datars, Bram Moerman was next then Dan and I followed. During the lunch break at the bottom , we discussed the speeds … Dan was 96k/per …while Bram topped everyone with 101k/h … I was lucky I didn’t dare look. Anyway, after lunch and a good rest, everyone was back on the road .a few hours later, people started to cramp but I started to wander I was losing hand control, not good… as my hand and arms were going to sleep while on the bike… I stayed at the back of the pack so not to bump anyone … Dan and rode on either side of me so I wouldn’t fall off the bike …as we pulled into Armpior I couldn’t break… my hands wouldn’t work …I crashed in the garbage cans then the store.wall … it was suggested I call it quits…. I phoned home and Joan came and got me.

Story Four - Ironman France: June of 2001.

As part of the Rudy award and another visit to our friend in Europe (Paul and Lynn Leroux) …Paul and I decided to do ImF then vacation in Charmoix.Joan and we visited our friend in England for a few weeks prior to the event. We did a little taper training then drove through the Chunnel to the race site. We settled into the camp-site and prepared for the race by driving the course cycle course and checked out the lake and run course. We got our race kits and we’re ready. Race morning even though the lake was hot they allowed wetsuits this was the start of major dehydration. The bike course was three loop of 60k … which comprised of three major mountains (in total… 9 very big climbs and 9 very steep descents). Because of the nature of the cycle course it gave you very little time to at eat or drink as you were either standing on the climbs. or holding on as you went down … again no time to eat or drink.. At the 160k feeding station I stopped … I ate and drank …but ‘it was too little too late’ by the time I finished the bike… I was finished. It took me a long time to get through the transition and out on the run the inside of the change tent was well over 100, everyone was encourage to change and get out asap. I started the marathon by walking (not good) . The run course was three loop .. but it first started by going through a small scorched concrete town…I walked on. After the two loops I lost my hearing due to dehydration I tried taking in more fluids… but I have to far gone. Paul stopped on the second loop and by the time returned to set out on the three loops I was told Paul was in the Medical tent, and didn’t finish (didn’t like that idea) so on went hoping .to just finish. But before I reached the 30 mark in the run… I spotted a curb and decided to take a break… not a good idea… I began throwing up … I attracted attention from the race officials … and was trucked of to the medical tent. They treated me for hydration and after 2 VI’s and a very long rest I was told I could finish the race if I wanted they would truck me back to the place they picked me up (I still had 5 hrs to finish 12k) but disapprovingly I decided to pack it in. DNF.

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