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FREE Skate Ski Technique Session (Intermediate+)
By:  XC Zone.tv   (2007/12/07)


FREE Trial session...

If anyone is interested, we will be leading the nightriders on a long slow distance and technique session this Sunday starting from parking lot P9 at 9AM. We will warmup on the North Loop near the parking lot for about 20 minutes before heading up Fortune Parkway towards the firetower. We will be wearing xczone suits... you can\'t miss us.

Anyone is welcome to tag along and ask whatever technical questions taht they might have, as we move along at a relatively slow speed.

This is a moving intermediate+ technique session, no standing around. Skiers learn best from mentoring mixed with perpetual motion.

If you like this type of session, you are welcome to join the night riders...

Happy Trails.

David McMahon & Lise Meloche

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