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Keskinada Update: Snow or Not, Ridge Road is Out
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2007/02/14)

The Keskinada held their press conference at Relais Plein Air this
morning. The conference was well attended by media groups including
CTV news. Remarks were made by representatives from the Keskinada,
from Skinouk ski club, and the embassy of Finland. Finland is the host
country for the Keskinada this year.

For many, the most interesting news concerned the courses. The
organizers are standing firm on their decision not to include Ridge
Road as part of the race courses. While acknowledging that snow was
falling heavily, it was explained that it would be too complicated
from a logistical point of view to adjust the course at this point.
XC Ottawa athletes are quite disapointed with this decision, and we
believe that many other Keskinada participants feel the same way. We
are also concerned that two-way traffic during the skate events could
be hazardous, and urge racers to be alert to oncoming skiers.

As of today, the Keskinada had close to 2100 racers registered for
the weekend events, and are hoping that late entries will take them
over the 2500 participant mark.

The weather forecast for the weekend looks good, with more snow and
relatively cold temperatures.

XC Ottawa would like to wish the Keskinada and the participants the
best of luck this weekend!
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