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Gatineau Loppet tips and tricks
By:  Riel Allain   (2014/02/07)


Follow these tips to race faster:

1. Train this weekend Ok, so you might think it is too late to train for the race. You're telling yourself you should have done some more upperbody work this summer, more douple poling sessions, more legs only rollerskiing, more core strength, blah blah blah... What if I told you it is not too late. Indeed, a week out from the event is the best time to put in the hours of specific loppet training (i.e. douple poling for classic and legs only for skate). I, myself have not done any core or douple poling sessions until this week. While writing this, I can feel my abs still recovering (read painful when contracted). You might think that I am an idiot, I might be, but by training hard this weekend and then resting throughout next week (i.e. a couple skis) you will get a small overcompensation effect and feel great for the race! Make your body hurt now so it won't hurt as much after and during the race. So, go out do to some legs only (skate) or douple poling (classic) now.

2. Draft! Drafting makes skiing easier.

3. If your skis are slower on downhills, then take hold of the pole of the skier ahead of you, don't let them get away. Karl Saidla uses this technique often with great success.

4. Wax Spend a bit of money getting your skis waxed. Fresh Air usually has a both where you can drop of your skis to get waxed for a bit of money.

5. Bring a water belt Especially if you are doing the 51 km classic. Have some sport drink in the water.

6. Bring gels Bring 3-4 gels with you. Take them somewhere between the 7.5 km and 45 km mark. Take them even if you don't want to. Wash them down with your sport drink. Taste one before the race, so you won't have any nasty surprises.

7. Don't go to hard off the start or you will regret it at the 40km mark. Look at Raphael Couturier's time splits from last year...

8. carbo load I have been carbo loading since last month for the 51 classic. Eat lots of carbs, especially before bed time.

9. Hydrate Drink lots of water the day before the race

10. Finally, I can't think of anything else... BUT if you have not registered, then please do so. The point to point 51km classic is an extremely cool opportunity to ski some of the best trails in the park.

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