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World University Games: Athlete Logbook #2
By:  Peter Beisel   (2013/12/11)

World University Games: Athlete Logbook #2

    This week I moved from my B&B in Tesero, into a hotel in a town called Ziano di Fiemme, to meet up with the team!
    I can't say enough how nice my accommodation has been this last week, I'd highly recommend it to anyone considering an Italian nordic (or downhill!) vacation (LINK HERE) Owned by a really nice family it opens right on to the ski trail and includes a classic Italian breakfast every morning with a really reasonable rate... they even let me store a bunch of stuff at their place while I headed into Trento to get my accreditation.
   Getting to Trento however, turned out to be a bit of an adventure as there were not too many buses heading there that would get me back to my hotel for a reasonable bed time... I thought I'd stand by the road and see if anyone friendly came by and take the late bus as a last resort...


    Sure enough, a car came by and picked me up! Thank you to the Bozzetta family for the pleasant ride and going out of your way to see me get to the accreditation office! All the Italians I have met have been super friendly!

   While they were verifying my I.D. in Trento, I made my first aquaintances with other Canadian (and other Nationality) athletes, including some snowboard cross racers, biathletes and downhill skiers.
    I'm pretty well settled into my new accommodation in Ziano and I have had a few good training days with the team. I even got an unexpected tweet from some hidden cameraman who managed to capture some questionable technique in the stadium:

    We had a really nice reception with a few other Canadian teams and afterward we all went to watch the first half of the Canada vs. Japan hockey game. I was actually cheering for Japan after the first period (5-1 CAN) those guys were trying hard!

   Today is the last training day before our first race. The first one is the 15km Skiathlon, which is going to be interesting. It's probably the most complicated race first and usually a skiathlon is a bit longer distance, so we are predicting it will be a little frantic, especially since we don't really have a good idea of where we are going to be in the pack yet.

I'll have more updates after the first race,
Thanks for reading!


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