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Parkway closure timetable for the fall of 2010
By:  Justin Demers   (2010/09/14)


Weeknight Closures

Weeknight closures will now be from 17:00 to dusk. Chelsea Nordiq (John Fahey) takes care of both days during the fall and Thursday nights during the summer. Only the North Loop is closed. Should gates be installed at Mica in the future, we would likely be able to close Mica during the week but that is not the case at the moment.

Regular Saturdays

On regular Saturdays, Demsis will take care of closing and re-opening the parkway until October 23rd which is when their contract comes to an end. They will close the North Loop from 6-13 and Mica from 6-11.

Fall Rhapsody Saturdays

This year, Fall Rhapsody will take place between October 2nd and 17th, 2010. The North Loop will still be closed from 6-13 but the Mica will be closed from 6-9:30.

Regular Saturdays after October 23rd

The contract given to Demsis will be done therefore we will close the parkways. I propose we make the hours the same as Sundays: North Loop 7-11 and Mica 7-10. By then we will be well into the fall and car traffic will be minimal therefore if clubs want to go to 11 on Mica I will voice it to the NCC.

Regular Sundays

We will take care of closing the parkway on these Sundays. The North Loop will be closed from 7-11 and the Mica will be closed from 7-10.

Fall Rhapsody Sundays

I have agreed with the NCC to close only the North Loop. This is due to mounting concerns regarding the safety of closures at Mica by volunteers with a high volume of traffic which is characteristic of Fall Rhapsody. It is a temporary measure for this year and I accepted in good faith as they are in the process of taking charge of these closures as well as attempting to add gates at Mica (at that point we would be ok to close). If you have any concerns about this please contact me and I will explain in further detail the situation.

Other weekend days after the parkways are closed for the season

It will basically be a free for all as usual but watch out for ice; especially at night (not recommended).

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