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MTB Adventures in the Toyota Tercel!
By:  Alana Thomas   (2010/05/03)

Biking is always a good way to kick off summer training and fun. Last week Justin, Matthias and I piled into Artois, Justin's 1998 Toyota Tercel with all our bikes and headed to Kanata Lakes for a beautiful evening mountain bike ride.

Below: I used my trusty pink ipod with speaker function to 'blast' Dance Hits May 2010 all the way to Kanata Lakes. Dance Hits May 2010 is available only by special request.

Justin shows us how it's done.

Matthias shows us how its done on another section.

Justin and I take a break to model our Fresh Air gear for the camera. He wins this round by matching his lenses and helmet to his outfit... but I will out-style him next time!

And Matthias drops off this rocky section like its no big deal.

Happy riding!
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