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XC Ottawa Duathlon TT Results
By:  Kyle Power   (2009/11/14)

XC Ottawa suited up for a Pursuit rollerski time trial this Saturday in the Gatineau Park. The course was approximately 10km total and consisted of two out and back loops. The race started from P5, then headed towards Penguin Picnic Area, then back South on the Parkway to Trail 15 and back to P5 for exchange/finish. The team wished they could be making fresh ski tracks this weekend in Montmorency but Mother Nature didn't totally give up on us because it was a beautiful morning in the Park for a Rollerski Race and everyone was more than cheerful and stoked to race. Thank you to all of the other racers who came out to join our Time Trial, it made it feel like an actual race! Also, Thanks to the volunteers and Coach John for putting it off.

Here is an awesome video clip of the Time Trial, taken by John


Name Classic Skate Overall Time
Colin Abbott 14:13 13:37 27:50
Justin Demers 14:37 14:15 28:52
Karl Saidla 15:04 13:58 29:02
Matthias Purdon 14:38 14:29 29:07
Kyle Power 15:26 15:01 30:27
Chris McMahon 15:35 14:53 30:28
Andre Marchand 15:11 15:33 30:44
Nicolas 17:47 16:45 34:32
Phillipe Caron 17:46 18:05 35:51
Sheila Kealey 16:22 14:53 31:15
Alana Thomas 16:22 15:08 31:30
Megan McTavish 17:35 16:25 34:00
Catherine Duval 21:37 22:14 43:51
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