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Gatineau Park Ski Photos from April 20th, 2009
By:  David Paton   (2009/04/21)


The skiing was so good last Wednesday that it couldn't be the end of the season for me. But closure has now been successfully made on the 2008-09 ski season. From P12 there was still a lot of snow but a lot of walking as well. I only got as far as the stream beyond the Wolf Trail crossing; there were probably some decent sections of good snow beyond, but between P12 and that stream there were three long (ca 1 km) sections of continuous skiing, and in between a certain amount of 'following a thread' and 'island hopping', and straight out walking. I imagine that it was about 50% skiing - 50% walking yesterday, but there was a mental shift - instead of thinking: 'is it worth taking skis off to get across this leafy patch?', it was: 'is it worth putting skis on to get across this snowy patch?'. With this rain, I'm sure that we'll reach the 10-90 point today or tomorrow, if anyone was there to check it.

Wildflowers were out by the side of trail 40: the early hepatica, trout lily, and trilliums in bloom, ramp (wild garlic) sprouting profusely, and blue cohosh. Wood frogs were calling in some of the ponds, so spring is here.


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