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Silver Star Skate Sprint Report
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2008/12/08)


Today was the skate sprint event of the Silver Star Nor Am event. The conditions were somewhat glazed and hardpacked, with the temperature around 0. It was also very foggy, making the visibility difficult. This resulted in some awkward moments for most of us who were trying to go as fast as possible on our skinny little skis.

Some people handled this very well-like Laura Valaas and Alex Harvey, for instance, who were the winners in the open men's and women's competition. You can check out all the results here:

With respect to our little contingent, you might say the post race wax room chit chat was a little mixed. Everybody was certainly happy with John's waxing. Megan and Sheila said they felt awkward on their skis, while Karl said he felt fine but just didn't go terribly fast. But no use crying over spilt milk. Adele WAS FAST and took 4th place in the junior women's race-a promising start to the season indeed!

Ottawa local Katrina Van Wijk had a great race coming 2nd in the Junior Women's category.

Tomorrow is an individual start skate event, and conditions seem likely to be very similar. We are looking forward to seeing if we can finally put some of the distance racing skills we have been practicing since May into real practice.

There is all kinds of talk about where we will be racing next weekend. We were supposed to be racing on the new Olympic trails at WOP (Whistler Olympic Park - great acronym!), but there is only about 5 cms of snow there right now, so the current rumour is that we will be doing some kind of racing here instead. We might get really good at skating if the thin conditions continue to prevent the groomers from putting in some classic tracks!

We'll try to keep all you rabid xcottawa.ca fans up to speed on the happenings here as they develop.

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