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51. Training Log: XC Ottawa hits up Lake Placid [Update: Video Added!]... Ingrid Hagberg (2013/09/11)
This past weekend the team had our annual training camp in Lake Placid.
52. Editorial: Tom's 'Best Of' List for 2004... Tom McCarthy (2005/01/07)
So I've been reading in the papers about all the 'best of 2004' lists, and all the best athletes, and the best moments, and biggest newsmakers… and I've been thinking, I really have no connection to these things. So I decided to make my own personal best-of-2004 list..
53. Editorial: Season of David - Part VI... David Zylberberg (2003/06/03)
The beginning of June is the most common time in the year for skiers to begin rollerskiing. Since I have merely been training fairly hard and haven't done anything worth writing about, I thought it would be a good time to give my thoughts and suggestions for rollerskiing.
54. XC Local: From rollerskiing to skiing in the Gatineau Park this morning!... Craig Storey (2006/11/05)
First we did a rollerskiing time trial, then a warm down on skis and finally an afternoon of trail clearing. Ah, what a great day!
55. Race Report: Fall Racing Highlights... Team XC Ottawa (2009/10/12)
Follow our Fall racing
56. Training: Getting primed for race time... Kyla Vanderzwet (2012/10/28)
Fall time trials mean cold, rain, and pain... the best way to pass a weekend, of course (and to get ready for race season)!
57. XC News: Summer's over, but in case you missed anything here.... Team XCOttawa (2007/09/21)
The chill in the air last weekend signaled the end of summer. Here's a catch-up article to see what's been going on here..
58. Race Report: Uphill Double Pole Rollerski Time Trial... Sheila Kealey (2016/08/28)
A report on the third event in the National Capital Region Rollerski Series.
59. Athlete Diary: Lake Placid training camp report and photos... Justin Demers (2008/08/19)
A brief report of an adventurous training camp south of the border.
60. Training Log: Training for XC Skiing in October: What I did last week. . .... Sheila Kealey (2009/10/25)
What did I do to improve my skiing last week?

166 Results. Pages: < 2 3 4 5 [6] 7 8 9 10 11 > »

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