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Summer's over, but in case you missed anything here.
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2007/09/21)


This week Environment Canada released its Climate Trends and Variations Report for Summer 2007. So its official, Summer is over!

If most of us had our way, we would skip fall and head straight into winter. No cold wet days, no dreariness, just piles of snow to ski on and play in. But, try as we might we couldn't arrange for that to happen. Be patient. In the mean time we suggest you enjoy the Fall colours, join one of the many Masters ski training groups (Nakkertok Master's Programs for Winter 2008The Night Riders Master Nordic Skiing ProgramMasters Dryland Training Group), get out rollerskiing and running.

Also, you might like to catch up on any articles missed over the past summer! The team found a few new recruits, but also had a few departures.. XC Ottawa Update, Announcing Team 2008!, Info on the New Recruits for Team 2008 , XC Ottawa welcomes Alana Thomas. And there was quite of bit of racing, see Summer Racing Highlights 2007

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