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Missing from Thea's Race: Single Infinity Sprint Pole
By:  Kyle Power   (2011/04/08)

**Missing Infinity Sprint Nordic Ski Pole**

A single Infinity Sprint Nordic Ski Pole was lost at Thea's Race on Sunday March 6, 2011. We have been trying to relocate it. The pole belongs to a University of McGill student who participated in the race with the rest of the McGill ski team. During one of the races for younger skiers, a male participant broke his pole and the McGill student tossed him this Infinity Sprint pole as a replacement mid-way on the race course. The McGill student had to return to Montreal before the borrowed pole was available for return. It was, however, brought to the lower cabin at the start of the awards. It was leaned against the cabin wall while awards were distributed. Unfortunately, following the awards, during clean up, the pole was not to be found.

If you attended Thea's Race this year, it would be a great help if you could check your gear to see whether an extra Infinity Sprint pole (probably 150cm or taller with a Vice wrist strap) was mistakenly gathered with your other belongings. Please contact Elizabeth Alexander-Cook from Nakkertok as soon as possible if you find it. Big smiles await you from numerous people, if you do :) She can be reached at (613) 526-0147 or hometree4@hotmail.com. Thank-you.

Nakkertok Club Member

Infinity Sprint Pole:

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