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Gavin's Makers of Men Training Camp
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2010/07/19)


The training camp started, for Gavin and Karl, with racing their road bikes in the Senior 3 event at the famous Ottawa Bicycle Club Grand Prix in Gatineau Park. Here, Gavin smiles in anticipation as he unloads his bike:

Gavin pins the numbers on his Fresh Air jersey:

The start was a 5 minute ride from Karl and Megan's house. Here, Karl and Gavin arrive home, ready for the next phase of the training camp to begin.

Karl's happy to be done, and is treating himself to a YOP.

Required equipment: Mountain bike, bike helmets, rollerskis, running shoes, watermelon.

This is probably the coolest shower system I have ever seen. One person mans the pump, one person cleans off.

Katie and Andre lace up for the run/ski walk.

Andre getting instruction on how to use the double pole machine:

"Hike faster. I think I hear banjo music":

World's most picturesque location for a rollerboard:

Circuit training:

Day 1 is over...time to relax:

SOMEONE is practicing her scariest face in the hopes of scaring off the local rottweilers on her mountain bike ride:

The roads around here are hilly, quiet, and also tend to have some very rough pavement. Perfect when you are in the business of man making.

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