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Great New Place!
By:  Anna Geiger-Whitlock   (2009/06/21)


I love training in new places. I feel excited, exhilarated and usually have a great training sessions. Having just moved to Ottawa last Tuesday, new places to train have been all over my schedule and will be throughout this year. I have ski trained a bit in Ottawa in the past both in the summer and in winter at various races, NCD camps and on my own. I have never failed to have a good time.

Since moving I have had quite a bit of stuff to do; moving, unpacking, going to the training camp at OWL and getting to know my way around. So training has been scheduled around unpacking and job orientation but with fun new locations and people to train with there hasn’t been a dull moment yet!

This week I started with a fun roller ski on the parkway on Tuesday. It was quite motivating to train with so many other roller skiers, cyclists and inline skaters. On Wednesday, after my work place orientation, I went to go swimming but as often happens with a new swim schedule, I read the pool schedule wrong. Luckily, I was able to sneak in a swim before the Mooney’s Bay training session on Thursday and after our parkway ski on Sunday. The pool was much nicer than the previous pool in Barrie and is very close to my place and I can’t wait to swim there more. Tire pulling at Mooney’s Bay was a different workout than I have done before and although it is a hard workout, it is quite fun.

I am also able to bike to work and although it is too short to count for any real training, it is a good morning pick up. I have been in orientation at The Ottawa Hospital for the last week and one of the many things that I learned is that TOH has a retention rate that is well above the national average for nurses. So I hope to continue to look for new opportunities both within skiing and nursing and statistically speaking, it looks like I will be in Ottawa for the long run.

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