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Workout of the Week: Go play!
By: Edward McCarthy (2006/08/22)
Workout Type: Recovery
Exertion Level: Moderate
Skier Level: Any
Technique: N/A
Season: Off-season
Terrain: Flats

Suggested Trails:

Equipment: A ball, a frisbee, or whatever suits you


It's pretty self-explanatory. Find a game or a sport you like which is high in activity - sorry, cricket is not included - and go play for a while. The best sports are ones like soccer and ultimate frisbee, which include long runs, breaks, short sprints, and a lot of turning, and which almost anyone can play with very little equipment.

The idea is to relax and enjoy yourself, while working on stamina, speed, and agility in a informal way; without even thinking about it. It may not be a "workout" in the traditional sense - but who cares, it's fun!


Back in my long-lost youth, when I was training with Nakkertok, our Wednesday night dryland workouts invariably began with a soccer game (until it got too dark, and Dave Mallory ran us through an obstacle course). As a twelve-year-old, I didn't really question this much; we had fun, we chased multiple balls around the field, little kids were allowed to hit big kids. Sometimes the half-hour game would run to an hour, taking up half of our practice time.

It was only in later years that I wised up to why we did this. Soccer served as warm-up, workout, team-building, and bait, all rolled up in a neat package. Most twelve-year-olds don't look forward to jumping up the same hill over and over, but they do want to play with their friends.

I still love a chance to play pick-up soccer or ultimate. It's fun, and it helps in staying fresh. As important, for someone slow like me, it's a lot easier to focus on sprinting each time you've got to get there before the other guy than it is to focus on sprinting the same ground for the tenth time. Games might not be an integral part of any training program, but there's always room for some fun.

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