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Nansen Murray

Hello Ski Fans. My name is Nansen Murray and I hale from the Yukon Territory. I've lived there my whole life and only  recently come to Ottawa in order to pursue my goal of a post secondary degree that will set me in good stead later in life. We'll have a short pause here so those who know that my major is Humanities can have a laugh.

But enough of that talk; the real reason I came to Ottawa is to cross-country ski. I began to ski as a little tyke; my mother had me on skis as soon as I could stand and probably before I could walk. Of course  being form the Yukon I spent all year on skis (well close to six months), I skied to school (are you kidding that’s forty kilometres), have a dog team (well I do) and was the coolest kid in my class (hello, I was a skier). Later on in my career in sports I raced for the far-famed Yukon Ski Team. I participated in such competitions as the Arctic Winter Games, Besh Cups (in Alaska) and the National and Western Canadian  Championships.

Then next in our saga comes graduation from high school and a dismissal of skiing form my life...well sort of...ok I skied a bit...the end of completion for sure. Little did I suspect that three years later I would be once more on a high performance race team. On my way between there and where I am now I got lost many times, banged a lot of nails, screeted a ton of cement, circumnavigated the globe, looked at weather records from the fifties, gone back to school, raced with the Carleton Team (which I hope to do again) and finally decided to give competitive skiing another chance. I look forward to racing with XC Ottawa throughout the 2011-2012 season. 

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