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Workout of the Week: Active Rest
By: Megan McTavish (2007/04/24)
Workout Type: Recovery
Exertion Level: Easy
Skier Level: Any
Technique: N/A
Season: Off-season
Terrain: Varied

Suggested Trails:



April is the month of rest for most ski racers. After a long season of racing and travelling that starts in November and ends in late March, a break is necessary and well deserved. It is the time of year to stop planning your training or writing every workout down in your training log. This time of year, you should just do what you feel like doing!

However, I think that it is still important to get outside and do some kind of exercise on a fairly regular basis. If you just go to work, sit at your desk, go home, eat, and watch TV all week and then party all weekend, you will have a hard time getting back into training come May.

This past month, I have been feeling tired and lazy! I have made sure to keep in decent shape though. The types of workouts I have been doing are:
-short easy runs (breaking in the new shoes)
-short workouts at the gym (so I don't get as sore in May!)
-riding my bike to and from work
-fun skis when it snowed!
-swimming at the pool
-hikes in Gatineau park
-playing some sort of game (soccer, ultimate, tennis, etc.) I have to be careful in this category though....no more surgery for me!

Also, if possible, this is the best time of year to go on backcountry trips or go downhill skiing.


The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, get lots of sleep, don't get too fat and out of shape, but finish the month feeling relaxed and rejuvinated...ready to start training for another season!

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