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eLoad/eMend XC Ottawa Duathlon - January 26th , 2008
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2008/01/15)


2008/01/25 - Start times and Course maps (click on the image for a closer look!).

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Start times by category

  • 1:30 - Atom + Pee-wee Boys & Girls: 1.5km FREESTYLE. [18 skiers]

  • 1:35 - Mini-Midget Boys and Girls: 3km DUATHLON (1.5km + 1.5km) [31 skiers]

  • 2:05 - Midget Boys and Girls: 3km DUATHLON (1.5km + 1.5km) [39 skiers]

  • 2:35 - Open Men/Women: 10km DUATHLON (2x25km + 2x2.5km) [35 skiers]

  • 3:15 - Jr/Juv. Boys & Girls: 5km DUATHLON (2.5km + 2.5km) [33 skiers]

Course Maps

2008 XC Ottawa duathlon course map

2008/01/24 - You have a few hours left to register (see below). Course maps and final instructions up soon.

2008/01/15 - Registration is now open!

Check the confirmation list here.

Questions? info@xcottawa.ca

2008/01/10 - XC Ottawa and Nakkertok will be hosting a race, sponsored by eLoad energy drink and eMend recovery drink, on January 26th. The race format will be duathlon: there will be two continuous portions - one classic leg followed immediately by one skate leg. There will be a transition zone in between, where you exchange your skis and poles.

Duathlon is a relatively new format on the World Cup circuit, but because it's a bit complicated to set up, it is rarely tried in domestic races. Come on out and try it!!! Don't worry if you don't have the special "duathlon" boots - no-one else does either! The best gear to use is skating boots - they makes the classic feel a little bit funny, but it's easily manageable. If you have old skating boots you can make yourself a pair for duathlons!

Type: Duathlon, Mass Start by Wave. This is an NCD points race.

How a duathlon works: You prepare classic skis and skate skis. Before you start the race, you lay your skate skis and poles in a specially marked "box" for your bib number. You start the race classic; once you are finished the classic portion, you enter the stadium, go to your box where your skis are, and switch gear; the classic gear must stay in the box your skate gear was in. You then finish the race in the skating technique. Still confused? Don't worry - it'll all be clear when you get there.

Course: See map above.

NOTE: Those who register for Atom and Pee-wee will ONLY do a freestyle race, and will do the 1.5k distance.

Location: Nakkertok Nordic Centre (Nakkertok South) (directions and maps at http://www.nakkertok.ca/en/roadmap.htm)

Start time: 13:30, will start with the youngest categories. Waves will start by category. Open Men (Junior Men and Senior Men) will start at the end.

Pre-Race Day Registration: On-Line Registration will be available after January 15th at www.xcottawa.ca and close on January 24 at 23:59. A $10 late fee applies after the on-line registration closes. Payment and waiver signing will still happen race-day morning, but please try and register on-line in advance to make our lives easier (and more organized than last year).

Race Day Registration, payment, and waiver signage: Registration will open at 12:30 and close at 13:00; those pre-registered still need to sign the waiver and pay entry fee at the race-site.

Entry fee: $5 per person before race-day or at the site (proceeds to Nakkertok Nordic Centre). A $10 late fee applies for those signing up after the on-line registration closure (15$ total fee). You WILL be asked to sign a waiver at the registration. This race is open to everyone who wants to participate.

Prizes: Yes, from our sponsors, including eLoad sport drink and eMend recovery drink. Fresh Air Experience has supplied many prizes as well! (Prizes, only available to those that pre-register!)


Category Age Total Distance (Classic and Skate)
Atom, Pee-wee Boys and Girls 1998-1999 1k (FREESTYLE)
Mini-Midget Boys and Girls 1996-1997 3k (2k + 1k)
Midget Boys and Girls 1994-1995 4k (2k + 2k)
Juvenile Boys and Girls 1992-1993 6k (3km + 3km)
Junior Boys and Girls 1990-1991 6k (3km + 3km)
Junior Women and up 1988 and older 6k (3km + 3km)
Junior Men and up 1988 and older 12k (2x3km + 2x3km)
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