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Geocache Of DVDs in the Gatineau Park
By:  XCZone.tv   (2008/01/02)


Happy holidays. We have hidden geocached eight FREE DVDs around the Gatineau Park along the ski trails. Look under/over/beside benches, information signs, and ski racks.

The exact locations are:

N 45o 29.777
W 075o 49.922

N 45o 29.778
W 075o 50.604

N 45o 30.380
W 075o 52.703

N 45o 30.333
W 075o 53.982

N 45o 30.502
W 075o 54.780

N 45o 30.434
W 075o 53.186

N 45o 30.376
W 075o 52.842

N 45o 29.996
W 075o 49.908

David  McMahon & Lise Meloche
Clean Oxygen Fed Sport Cinematography

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