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Christmas Gift Suggestions for Skiers!
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2007/12/13)


Gifts that support skiers!

1. Klister licker t-shirts and apres ski apparel for any age! These cool items help XCOttawa pay for coaching and the website. They ship in ~ 5-10 days, so order soon.

2. Why not some new Infinity ski poles to go with those fancy skis? Made in Canada, these are ligther, stiffer, stronger and better priced than anything else out there! Looking to really wow 'em? You will with these. The skier that gets these won't believe the difference they make. Not to mention that if you buy them through us you are also supporting our team.

3. XC Zone is a local company that makes action-adventure and informative DVDs for cross-country and other endurance sports. Their latest DVD is Nordic Ski Training Secrets for High Performance Sport. A quite technical look at ski training...  

4. CCC Store items help support the National team and it's programs..

5. Why not a pass to a local ski area or local ski event? Join one of the local ski clubs?
Gatineau Park Pass are for sale on-line through Chelsea Nordiq.
Canadian Ski Marathon entry, Feb 9/10th
Gatineau Loppet (Keskinada) entry Feb. 17/18th

6. If you've got a loved one looking to improve their Keskinada times this winter, why not get them some really fast wax? Vauhti IR spectra is high-fluoro wax that seems to always be gliding fast in Ottawa.

7. Red Creek tools make great gifts for experienced waxers. Why not a Roto-brush? Or a riller. Get them at many Ottawa stores: Greg Christie's, Pecco's and Fresh Air Experience .

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

  • A colourful palette of Vauhti Grip Waxes. These guys are some of the most consistent and reliable grip waxes around.
  • ClifBars, any flavour. These are not only good... they're also the best energy bars we've tried. ClifBar's Builder's Bar is an excellent post-workout protein bar for those without time to sit down to a nice post-workout omelette and nap.
  • eload of course. Great training drink. Try it warm during the cold weather - it'll keep you warm, and it has the best electrolyte balance we've found.
  • eMend is another one. This is a great post-exercise recovery drink. After you drink this, you'll be ready for another 3-hour ski (or being dragged around in the shopping mall by your girlfriend all afternoon - whatever the case may be).
  • Red Creek Groove scraper - for the budget-conscious, and the space-conscious! But all of us have gouged a couple of pairs of skis trying to fake the groove-scrape with the rounded edge of an ordinary plastic scraper. These things are cheap... but priceless.
  • Plastic Scraper - this sounds mundane and ordinary - but I guarantee if you sneak into your cutie's waxbox, all the scrapers there are dull. These are cheap, but a sharp new scraper makes waxing that much more efficient... more time for your giftee to give to you!!
  • Toe warmers and hand warmers - these kind of speak for themselves. The most beautiful days in the Park are usually also the coldest ones. There's no reason to enjoy it in discomfort, though!
  • Vauhti Natural cork for smoothing cold hard wax
  • Vauhti Synthetic cork for smoothing warmer grip waxes and colder klisters
  • Vauhti ski-ties - and when you get these, write your name on them!! Ski-ties are fair game in the ski world - they seem to float around skibags, with other people's ties appearing in your bag. They're like clotheshangers, but there are never enough of them.
  • Rudy Project's - Wizaard , Kalyos, Freeon, Rydon, Ekynox SX, Graal SX, Kerosene, Rydon SX, Ekynox, RB3, Graal, and Graal Fyol or any other style. You can check these out at www.rudyprojectusa.com and get them from Bushtukah, Kiwi Mike's Cyclery and other stores in Ottawa. Rudy Projects have the best lenses that we've ever worn - they were our first sponsor and remain loyal, and we are totally converted to their eyewear - it truly is the best quality we've found.

Still stuck? Underwear, windbriefs or socks it is! For underwear or windbriefs, we strongly recommend Finnsvala brand. Particularly their mesh long underwear - getting the full top-and-bottom outfit makes you look very kinky, but also breathes and dissipates moisture like no other underwear. Wear them in the morning to go skiing... wear them in the evening to your goth/metal party. Awesome! As for socks, everyone always needs one or two more pairs of good ski socks than they have. Some good ones are Finn-Wool (Fresh Air Experience). They're no-frills, soft, and, most importantly, dry.

And the best gift of all? Wake up on Christmas morning, open your presents with your family, eat some Christmas brunch, then gear up and get out to the snow. There's nothing better than spending a Christmas Day on skis with your family. It's pretty special.

Happy Holidays from the gang at XC Ottawa!!

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