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Group Rate Gatineau Park Ski Passes through Chelsea Nordiq
By:  Chelsea Nordiq   (2007/11/01)


Chelsea Nordiq will be going ahead with online ski pass sales at group rates. The web site will be prepared in the coming days. Please check back with www.chelseanordiq.ca in the coming week. The pricing will be at the lowest rate plus a small charge to cover the PayPal fees that we must submit.

In conjunction with our group purchase of passes, DEMSIS will be present at the Chelsea Nordiq Ski Exchange and Ski Fair on November 3, 2007. They will be accepting payment on site for Gatineau Park Ski passes as part of our group purchase. This is an opportunity to purchase a pass at the lowest possible price. They will be accepting payment by Visa, Mastercard, cash, or cheque.

After the Ski Fair, our online ski pass sale will be by PayPal only. Please note that ALL purchasers of passes must get a digitalized photo taken this year. Once payment is made, one can present themselves to the Visitors Centre on Scott Road to complete the process. Note that if you purchase a pass directly at the Visitors Centre, you will pay the individual purchase price NOT the group rate.

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