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The Residence Life as an Athlete
By:  Zoe Braul   (2007/09/16)

Things I’ve learned from the past two weeks living in Residence:

  1. Invest in a quality pair of earplugs
  1. If one person on the floor gets sick…so will everyone else!
  1. Consider yourself lucky if you get to sleep before midnight
  1. As the only sober one of the floor, you will automatically be appointed the “hair-holder for your drunken friends in their time of need.”
  1. If people find out that you’re into “fitness,” you’ll get many offers to run along the canal with you. Take it from me: if you want a good workout, go solo! If they insist on accompanying you, secretly run another hour after you drop them off at their Residence building.
  1. In the cafeteria, steer clear from the:
    • Root beer
    • Tater tots
    • Gelatinous cream soups
  1. Purchase a drying rack. Nothing is worse than mouldy ski clothes stashed in your closet then having to spray perfume in your room to cover the stench.
  1. Studying in groups never results in anything productive. You may hurt feelings but you’ll actually get stuff done if you refuse to study with your friends. 
  1. When your floor-mates come into your room, and seeing your 6-pairs of skiis, exclaim “O.M.G those are sooooo skinny! I love downhill skiing too!” just smile and nod.
  1. Turn your telephone in your room off at night. For some reason when people here get drunk, at 2am, they all say “Let’s call Zoe and see if she has to get up early to ski!”
  1. Residence is full of surprises…some annoying, some entertaining and some just incredibly gross. But most of all, living in Res is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that, I can tell you right now, I will never forget. 
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