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Nordic Skiing Training Secrets for High-Performance Sports DVD
By:  xczone.tv   (2007/08/22)


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Title: Nordic Skiing Training Secrets for High-Performance Sports DVD-ROM
Runtime: 9h45m
Release: Fall 2007

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David McMahon and Lise Meloche



What if you knew the same secrets as the most successful Olympic athletes and their coaches? What could you do with their Gold-medal winning programs in your hands, and had the secrets decoded?

Natural Fitness Labs with xczone studios has created Nordic Skiing Training Secrets for High-Performance Sports.

Begin a deep-dive exploration of applied sports physiology, psychology and pedagogy - a journey that exposes the secrets of elite fitness in high-performance sport. The product is a complete synthesis of the most successful medal winning programs and advice by a pedigree of scientists, coaches and elite athletes. Collectively the talent owns 33 Olympic medals, 43 World Cup medals, and 2 firsts in greatest human achievements. Here you will find a comprehensive body-of-knowledge for coaching cross-certification, and the blueprints to train smarter than your competition.

Realize immediate performance gains with a medal-proven prescription, and give yourself the edge.


Nordic skiing is a good model for natural fitness and clean-oxygen-fed-sport because these athletes practice a highly evolved training regime, necessarily involving competencies in multiple-sports. Elite cross-country athletes are arguably best-conditioned athletes of the planet. So this a good place to start in developing a capability-maturity-model and a common-body-of-knowledge for sports-physiology, psychology, and pedagogy.

The old-school pro-sports philosophy of "steak and eggs for breakfast and then playing yourself into shape," does not transfer in an ultra-marathon, or to any high-performance athletic sport.

The components to high-performance sport are fundamentally bound to the quality of technique and training. Unfortunately, most elite athletes take these secrets to the grave, and the most successful training programs are locked away. You have to train smarter than your competition, not just harder, and it helps if you have a plan.

This program is derived from decades of personal experience at an elite level, supported by mountains of national training programs and reference materials. We have unlocked these most successful gold-medal making programs, and enlisted the help of experts in a variety of athletic-sports to provide their best advice. Leading sports scientists will provide you with the theory that you will need to understand. You will get guidance from the most success coaches on how to build a winning program, and elite athletes will explain the pragmatics of high-performance sport. You will realize that there is remarkable and universal similarity in what constitutes the serious fitness training, and that the secrets are bound in a handful is critical training principles.


Let me guide you through Nordic Skiing Training – a high-performance program for all athletes…

We will start by discussing the evolution of fitness, because this forms an early foundation to modern thinking. Many of the ancient systems have re-emerged in modern high-performance sport. We will answer such questions as: What constitutes natural fitness and conditioning, and how does one develop sports specific fitness?

One of the early chapters dives into a post-graduate-level lesson in the physiology of fitness. This will prepare you for appreciating the real secrets of fitness training, which will be decomposed into a logical ontology. We will invite the scientists, coaches, and athletes to explain these common building-blocks in some depth.

A general discussion of training methodology and philosophy in coaching will establish the mindset for architecting a winning program. Experts will continue to guide you through building a multi-year training program from the ground up. You will learn how to conduct various types of cardio-vascular and muscular workouts, periodize training sessions throughout the week, by month and peak at important times in the year. In this program you will see how to develop endurance, strength, power, speed and skills using a number of training modes. We will show you the sport-specific and dry land training that elite athletes use to achieve phenomenal conditioning.

If you want to win, then you need to start practicing like you will. Hear what Olympic gold medalists prepare for racing. Further, tune your training by understanding the significance of sport psychology. We will teach you how to integrate mental training, with the physical.

If you want to take your sport and fitness to the extreme, then learn from the best ultra-athletes and runners. Chances are that you will get injured, and sports medicine has some answers to help you training through and recover from injuries.

Getting hungry? Well there is a nutrition chapter too. At the very end, a conclusion will provide an interactive dialog and engaging monolog that summarizes all the secrets.


So what are the secrets for high performance sports and fitness training? For that you will have to watch the DVD..

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