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Gatineau Park Summer 2007 Parkway Rollerskiing Closure Update
By:  Tom McCarthy   (2007/05/30)


We're starting early this year!!

Starting this Tuesday, May 1st, the North Loop (P8-P9) will be closed to traffic every Tuesday evening for rollerskiing/rollerblading. The closure will start at 6:00 and continue until dusk.

Starting Thursday, May 24th, the North Loop will also be closed to traffic every Thursday evening for rollerskiing/rollerblading, from 6:00 until dusk.

Thanks very much to the National Capital Comission, who kindly allows us to use the Gatineau Park as a training location; to the Ottawa Inline Club, who are taking care of all the Tuesday night closures, and to Chelsea Nordiq, who are taking care of all the Thursday evening closures.

Please remember:

  • If you arrive at the North Loop on a Tuesday/Thursday, and the parkway is NOT closed to traffic, DO NOT proceed to rollerski on the open road. Wait for the parkway to be closed; if no-one comes, then go for a run or something (but don't rollerski).
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet if you are using this facility.
  • Please say thank-you to the committed volunteers who are opening and closing the roads.

Happy Training!

(Originally Posted: 2007/04/28.)

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