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2007 Ski Nationals Report #3 - 10/15km Classic Day
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2007/03/22)


The second day of distance races brought very traditional races. Our team has some very traditional-minded members, so, generally speaking, 15 and 10k classic, individual-start races were to our liking. The weather, which was mainly cold and dry, was also to our liking as it made ski and wax selection much easier. In addition, we have been enjoying incredible technical support from the XC Ottawa Technical Team of John Suuronen and Liam Watson. We have tried to return the favour by making the trip enjoyable for them. We laugh at all their jokes and make sure they are NEVER either hungry or thirsty.

So we were set up for a very good day, and we all set out to make the most of it. Gavin did this by winning the University category of the race for the second day in a row. Megan and Sheila finished 14th and 16th respectively, which is hard to quibble with. My personal contribution to this project was to start the race by either overestimating my ability or underestimating the difficulty of the course. I havenít determined which of these it actually was, but the result was a very challenging final 10kms.

The rest of the men did their part as well, with most of the team agreeing that we finished about where we should have. Check the results at www.zone4.ca to see if you agree. If not give us a call and we will try to do something about it by the end of the week.

Have a look at the photos.

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