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Wyndy @ Worlds #1: XCOttawa's Andrew Wynd at the 2007 Sapporo World Championships!
By:  Andrew Wynd   (2007/02/24)


Hello from Sapporo, Japan!

It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride since I touched down in Japan just 4 days ago. The entire experience has been mind blowing and I can't even begin to put in all down into words in this report. Anyway, on to the races and some interesting info from the 2007 World Championships.

The snow...

It snows here practically everyday, and today was no exception. The 30km pursuit has been run and won by the German's, Teichmann 1st and Angerer 2nd, in wet, slushy conditions with some sticky fresh snow thrown in for good measure. I have skied the distance courses every day since arriving here and have used all 5 pairs of my Fischer skis! One day it is slush, then new snow, then mixed. Waxing and service teams have been working hard in the last few days. The Australian team used Toko old snow in the Men's sprint, then tested it the following day and discovered it was horrible!

The Sprint...

The Sapporo Dome was amazing and after watching the qualifying, I was lucky enough to be the flag bearer in the opening ceremony! What a rush, walking into the stadium with 40,000 people cheering, then having a perfect view of the stadium and finish chute for the sprint finals. Our boys went OK, but were slightly dissapointed not to make the finals. I positioned myself on the top of the major climb for the qualifying and boy was it exciting to watch the guys try and double pole up the hills in their skate gear. I can assure you that there was some serious bending of the no skating rule!

The Distance Races...

These courses are tough. Very long climbs, basically no flat sections and the wet slushy snow making it all the more difficult. The downhills are out of control fast, with no tehnical corners, but the sheer speed you deelop makes them....interesting. Watch the footage of the mens pursuit for some high speed, spectacular crashes. I'm already scared about my wobbly legs in the skate race. For my event, the 15km skate, we race the 5km loop, then the 2.5km and then repeat the sequence. It should be another exciting race to watch and I'm looking forward to it.

OK, that is all for now, I must go and partake in the endless food buffet that is provided for all the athletes in our team hotel. Enough sushi to feed half of Toronto and "Western style" French Fries for all the "Western athletes". I will try to write again in the next few days!

Andrew Wynd

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Andrew Wynd and the Aussie flag he'll be carrying.

The Aussie flag bearer (XCOttawa's Andrew Wynd!) and teammates ready for the parade at the Opening Ceremonies.

Australia's Paul Murray in the Sprint Time Trial.

Men's Sprint Final - Norway's Jens Arne Svertadal leading and USA's Andrew Newell in 6th.

USA's Andrew Newell is the fastest qualifier of the day!

USA's Andrew Newell #1, in the men's quarter final round.

Sprint winner, Jens Arne Svertadal.

Inside the Sapporo Dome.

The Sprint course heading out of the Sapporo Dome.

Outside the Sapporo Dome, snowing huge flakes.

The Sapporo Dome sprint course.

Andrew Newl in a tight squeeze in the sprint semi-finals.

A view of Sapporo.

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