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Perianne Jones: The Making of a Champion: Half-Done!
By:  Perianne Jones   (2007/01/04)


Perrianne Jones is a member of the National Ski Team. Peri is from Almonte and grew up skiing with the various local ski clubs. She is now living in Canmore (AB) where she shares a house with Olympic Gold medalist Chandra Crawford. They should be a deadly duo at Vancouver in 2010.

In this series of articles she shares some insight into her life for the Ottawa ski community on the Fresh Air Experience website, and reprinted here with their permission.

The Tour is half over, we have raced in Munich, and Oberstdorf, in sunshine and dumping snow. We've had some great results and tough days, but we are now in Asiago, Italy the home of Rode wax, cheese (yes, asiago), and apparently Pinocchio!

We have another sprint to look forward to tomorrow, and we are still hoping that our ski bags will show up one of these days. So far we have been making due with what we have, the boys are sharing skis, and Amanda and I got a few pairs each from our respective ski companies. That being said the situation isn't ideal, I raced on my rock skis for the classic races and I'm starting to think that maybe I should take them out of retirement because they weren't all that bad. At this point we are just hoping that they show up before U-23's at the end of January.

The sprint in Munich took place in the Olympic Stadium, they trucked a bunch of snow in for us, and it was quite the experience! As you can see there isn't much snow outside of the stadium. It was +10 outside!

Our visit to the Rode factory was pretty cool, it's not nearly as big an operation as I expected! There were only a few people (3) working in a garage where they mix the klister in big vats, and fill and seal the tubes all by hand.

So far it's been a great trip with lots of learning and inspiration having Devon and Chandra both reach the podium in the sprints!! Three more races and the team will be on a plane home while Amanda and I drive to Ramsau, Austria to prepare for the U-23 World Championships… Hopefully with our own skis!

If I can still move my fingers by the end of the Tour I'll send another update,


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