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Ok Skiers Lets Commiserate ...
By:  Team@xcottawa   (2007/01/08)


Feeling helpless about your ski season? Let's face it, this winter sucks! Tell us your training story or send us a picture to commiserate. Here's a few..

Listen to CBC Radio 1 (91.5fm) or on-line for XCOttawa's Andrew Wynd. He's come to Ottawa from Australia to ski, and more importantly train and to qualify for the 2007 World Nordic Ski Championships in Japan. But he needs snow to do that!


Hope you skied this morning, our snowfall might not last the afternoon! There weren't too many people out in the dark at P10, maybe only 5 cars at 8am. But Sheila was out early and captured this picture of the snowfall. It wasn't too long before the rain started though.

A few of us resorted to a rollerski time trial after we had to cancel our second event of the season. As you can see in these video clips of Brian and Tom, it was green grass and T-shirt weather. Here's the route we used.

Here are a couple of photos from a ski walk/hike that a group of Midget skiers and parents from Nakkertok did yesterday on the Eardley Escarpment in Gatineau Park. The informal "yellow marker" trail network on the escarpment is one of my favorite places to run and alas... yesterday the conditions were perfect. We couldn't figure out whether it felt like early November or mid-April. Many of the Nakkertok Juniors spent the last four days skiing up at the Foret Montmorency. Despite two days of rain the conditions were reported to be excellent (they also had two days of below freezing temperatures with hard wax skiing) and they are supposed to be getting 15 cm of snow today. Long way to go for a ski though! Pictures by Kevin Jones.

Joann Holden has even resorted to posting inspirational pictures from past seasons on really miserable days. She's also captured the meltdown well..

Mark Campbell of Halifax, N.S. sent us this picture of what it looked like for 2 days in early December until the snow was washed away by 60mm of rain and +10C. Hmm..sounds familiar. Nice picture of better times though.

What have you been doing for training lately? Anything out of the ordinary for January? Got a good wintery picture? Send it in and we'll post it here.

Don't give up hope...it will snow sometime, somewhere.

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