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Ski Condition Photos (January 4th, 2007)
By:  craig@xcotttawa   (2007/01/04)


Right now I'm not sure if we have horrible skiing or just bad rollerskiing weather. Don't laugh, we might be rollerskiing on the parkways in 2 days.

Actually, skiing this morning was surprisingly good in a few spots and really terrible in others. Generally the skiing isn't highly recommended. Skating is not easy anywhere until the sun comes out and softens the ice, but window before the ice turns to slush (and you hit pavement) is short. Early morning skiers can double pole in the icy tracks or classic. The parkways may hold up for another day or two, but there are bare spots on Black Lake Hill (careful coming down!) and near Black Lake itself. P10 upto the T looked very icy and rutted. A bit better from the T towards Champlain and Black's. Probably not too bad out 1A from Champlain. Rocks skis are recommended.

Walkers have ventured out onto the parkways and have made the skiing difficult in some areas. They left potholes bootprints in the slush that go down to the pavement. These prints have refrozen leaving the a very uneven surface and in some areas and sped up the melting.

The Good

Champlain parkway at Lac Bourgeois, from Black Lake to the T

Decent tracks.

Ok edging for skating and well shaded.

The Bad

Fortune Parkway near Fortune Lake. P10 is worse.

Champlain Parkway up to Black Lake.

The Really Bad

Middle of Black Lake Hill.

Champlain Parkway at Black Lake.

Footprints caused faster snow loss here.
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