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2006 Foret Montmorency Reports and Photos
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/11/15)


The team has just returned from a short stint on real snow at our usual early season location - Foret Montmorency. We weren't the only skiers there; the Canadian Junior National Team 2014, l'equipe de Quebec, a few MWSC skiers and lots of recreational skiers from Quebec city were out all weekend. A great time was had by all. Here are a few select comments from team members...

Skiing at Foret Montmorency was great as usual. We got in lots of hours as well as a time trial and a hard intensity workout. Fueled by all you can eat Quebec cuisine for three meals a day, you can get a lot done! It is great to be able to have a camp environment that you don't have to do anything but ski, eat and sleep! We look forward to it every year. - Megan McTavish

As usual the Foret Montmorency, located at that magic 103rd kilometer of Route 175, doesn't disappoint in providing snow for us to ski on. While the locals claim the skiing had been much better the previous two weekends conditions where still quite good. Eat, sleep, ski is a great way to spend a weekend. - Craig Storey

Early snow training at Foret Montmorency was great. It's always nice to finally have a chance to see how everything feels on snow after a long season of dryland training, and eating lots of food with lots of gravy is always a bonus. It also gave me a chance to let Karl beat me once this season, in the time trial, so his ego won't be so bruised later on. As soon as the klister supplies are replenished - it'll be time for the season to start! - Ed McCarthy

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Here are a few more photos...

The team decked out in new uniforms for the camp. Thanks Seppo!

Some tricky conditions around 0įC made for interesting waxing...and lots of practice with klister.

Brian Suke, xcottawa.ca rookie.

Brian, Ed and Craig doing visualization drills before skiing.

Brian getting ready for the TT.

Ed looking pretty in the new outfits.

Gavin looking guilty of something.

Gavin explaining how they did in the team sprint.

Team getting ready to ski, more waxing. That's our trailer in the background!

Getting ready to sprint.

Coach John Suuronen giving his sermon of last minute instructions for the workout.

Karl listening intently.

Our luxury trailer accomodations.

Ed and Megan revelling in the snow.

Megan + fresh snow = happy camper!

Megan getting ready to race.

Megan fully ready to race!

The guys getting back into warm-ups after the time trial.

Sheila, Tom and Judy having a snack during a long ski.

Tom and Gavin headed to the team sprint.

Waiting our turn in the technique session.

One-at-a-time up the hill for technique analysis.

Tom thinking about food, skiing technique and work all at once.

Tom being chased uphill by John during a technique session.

Tom posing for GQ.

That's it we'll be back next year.
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