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Buy and Sell Used Cross-country skis, boot and poles with XCOttawa.ca Classified Ads!
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/11/08)


Ok, quite a few of you have been asking to buy used cross-country ski equipment from the team, or wanting to advertise your own used xc ski gear for sale on our website. Well, we now have an easy way to do both - XCOttawa.ca Classified Ads!

Before we go any further lets put out this warning. We don't assume any responsibility for anything you purchase through these ads. We don't inspect the equipment we just provide a means for skiers looking to buy equipment together with those looking to sell. This is a free service.

Buyers can simply browse the ad listings and connect with the sellers via email, or alternate contact info if provided.

In orer to sell anything you must register. Registering is easy, and painless. It's the standard username/email/password deal. The email you provide is the main point of contact for buyers to get in touch with you, so it must be valid.

Here's a little pictorial guide to get you started...


Start at the XCOttawa.ca Classified Ads Home Page were the ads are organized into categories. You can see all the ads in a category by clicking on either the Category Title or Category Image. This will take you to ...

.. the category listing where all the ads are displayed. Here you will see a title and a brief description of each item. For more details, click on the title...

In the detailed view you can do any of the following..
  • Click on the image to see a close-up if available.
  • Contact the seller using the 'Reply to Posting' button.
  • Email this ad info to a friend using 'Email this to a friend' button.

Contact the seller through our email form. After that it's up to you and the seller to contact you can work out the details. Wasn't that easy?


Before you can sell you must register! Don't worry it's easy. Start by clicking Resgister...

Fill in the form provided with your desired username, email and password information. The email you provide is the main way for buyers to get in touch with you, so it must be valid, and the only way to retrieve a lost password.

Once you've registered successfully you are logged in. Notice the menu has changed!

In order to submit an ad, you must enter the appropriate category. We're going to sell some boots so we click on the 'Boots' title or the 'Boot' image...

Here you create a descriptive title for your ad. Try to use the brand, model and year of the product you want to sell. You can take a picture of your item and add it to your listing - as long as it's less than 200kB and smaller than 640x480 pixels.

Once your advertisement appears in the listing make sure all the information is correct, if not use the "modify listing" option to make corrections.

Don't forget to delete your ad once you've sold the item, otherwise you risk getting lots more email about it!

Any further questions or comments about this new service feel free to email info@xcottawa.ca and we'll give you a hand.

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