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Fall 2006 Parkway Updates
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/11/03)

Now that we have the parkways to ourselves, life is good! Rollerskiing on the parkways anytime you want is great, but watch out for the early morning frost and ice!

This morning there were many icy patches on the parkways, not to mention that ever-slippery yellow line!

Trouble sections...

2006/11/03 - With snow overnight, everything is slick, wet and icy!

The Doldrums
, the stretch from P8-P9 had lots of small patches of ice and thick frost which made things tricky.

The uphill across from P8 to Penguin had a few slick patches in the shade, but was relatively good by 8am.

The uphill after the underpass was quite icy even at 9am since it is completely shaded.

There are no current reports from Black Lake or Fortune, but they are likely similarly slippery early in the mornings.

It's very likely that the pavement will dry out in almost all areas today and tomorrow. The forecast calls for rain later this week and temperatures are expected to fall well below zero overnight and only warm up to highs of +5C heading into the weekend. This might make rollerskiing hazardous, so take care. If you are out rollerskiing and happen across a slippery section, please report it to us and we'll update this page.
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