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Gatineau Parkways are Closed to Traffic
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/10/28)

Update 2006/10/28: Looks like they are closed for the season. Watch for snow and ice above P10!

The gates at P5 and P8 were closed this morning. No word on wether that will be permanent, but with snow, rain and freezing temperatures predicted for the rest of the week it might just be enough. The NCC has boarded up their signs to the new McKenzie King Estate road, which might be proof it's for good as well. We'll keep you posted.

If you do rollerski, since it's now LEGAL ALL DAY with the roads closed, watchout for icy patches and leaves. Be especially careful on the downhills. This time of the year frost can make rollerski wheels slide all over the place. Even the grass on the apron of the road won't slow you down much if it's wet and frozen. If you do come across ice let us know where it is and we'll post the warnings here.

This NCC Press Release makes it sound like it might only be temporary.

Photo: Jo-Ann Holden
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