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Exposed! HarryNowel.com Newsletter #1
By:  Harry Nowell   (2006/07/26)


Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first installment of Exposed!, the photography e-newsletter from HarryNowell.com

  1. upcoming workshop details
  2. new HarryNowell.com website announced
  3. an editorial column. This month - Creativity and the Camera.

      Creativity and the Camera

      Harry Nowell Photography, Inc. 2006.

      Creativity is a funny thing - it is not something you can get easily from a book in a library or from googling on the web. It is more of a process - something you develop.

      Creativity starts with self care - you need to be comfortable on many levels, well fed, hydrated, with an adequate body temperature. As important you need to be comfortable on non-physical levels - not stressing about family, work, money, performance, etc.

      Few people... Visit HarryNowell.com for the whole article including pro perspective, tips to try and (gasp!) homework!

      Thanks for looking!

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